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#310-915 Kristjanson Road

Saskatoon, SK


427 Smith Crescent

Saskatoon, Sk


338 Avenue J South

Saskatoon, SK


#58-120 Acadia Dr.

Saskatoon, SK


111 St. Lawrence Cres. #15

Saskatoon, SK


Haultain Road Estate

Dundurn, SK


33 1st Ave.

Clavet, SK


#405-102 Kingsmere Place

Saskatoon, SK


122 Adelaide Street East

Saskatoon, SK


#111-405 Bayfield Crescent

Saskatoon, SK


350 Ave. V S.



819 Kolynchuk Crescent

Saskatoon, SK


127 Langlois Way

Saskatoon, SK


133 106th St. W.

Saskatoon, SK


318 Dickson Cres.

Saskatoon, SK


308 Ave. K N.

Saskatoon, SK


30-B 2nd Ave. N

Martensville, SK


366 Pringle Court

Saskatoon, SK


209 5th St. E.

Saskatoon, SK


3825 Diefenbaker Drive

Saskatoon, SK






Welcome To

212 26th St. W

Saskatoon, SK • S7L 0H6


MLS#: SK772699

Type: Two-Storey

Year: 1949

Size: 1452 sq. ft.

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Parking: None

With over a decade of sales experience, I understand that having a focus on listening to my clients’ needs and asking them the right questions leads to finding the right solution.


I have a passion for real estate and connecting people to the right home. Years of experience in sales has taught me the importance of presenting the facts clearly, so that clients can make the best decision possible.

I have no desire to simply sell you a house. I enjoy being an advocate for my clients, and I receive great satisfaction in helping you find the perfect home.

I believe that prioritizing honesty, clear communication and making decisions in my clients’ best interest is what makes me a good partner in your home buying journey. I would love to sit down with you and discuss your goals and dreams for your next home purchase.

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Here are a few of the most common questions I am asked as a REALTOR®. If you have further questions or require clarification, please don't hesitate to contact me.
When you are the buyer, I work at no cost to you. In Saskatoon, the associated fees are covered by the seller.

When you are the seller, there are no standardized or set fees. My fees are determined by the brokerage, and may be adjusted for purposes such as increased advertising and marketing.
Looking to get approved? It is always best to be educated before you start your search. I would advise you to talk to both your bank and a mortgage broker to see what your options are, how they differ from one other, and what rates and terms they may be able to offer you. There are no fees that you will pay to utilize their services, as they are compensated by the lender. Feel free to ask me for a reliable recommendation.
When purchasing a home, you will need to provide at least 5% of the total sale price as a down payment. Your deposit contributes toward the total down payment. Other associated costs include a professional home inspection, legal fees, any tax adjustments, moving costs, utility hookups and insurance. There are many vendors available to you, and not all vendors are of equal quality. Feel free to ask me for recommendations.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question; it will depend, as each situation is unique. Are you financially capable of carrying two properties? What is the current market like? Buying first means spending as much time as you like shopping for your next home, but it also means carrying both homes.  Ask your mortgage or financial specialist if there is an option that might suit you in this situation. Selling first means not having to give a discount on your house in hopes of a quick sale. It also means you may not find what you’re looking for when you do sell, and have to move out by a certain date.  Some home-owners consider a rental in between, but as mentioned above – each situation is unique, and will be affected by different factors.

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